Sesi├│n General 1. Audit in tune (Auditorio. Sala N103 - N104) ­čÄž

20 de noviembre de 2019, 09:10 - 10:00

Like beautiful music, in which all the instruments are in tune and all parts flow harmoniously, internal audit’s success is often measured by how in tune its approach and philosophy are with stakeholder expectations.

Built on a foundation of more than 36 years of professional experience, 31 of those as a Certified Internal Auditor, 2019-20 IIA Global Chairman J. Michael Joyce, CIA, CRMA, takes us on a musical journey that explores the dynamics of what it means to be an accomplished member of the band of professional internal auditors. “Most songs have three primary elements: rhythm, harmony and melody. If any one of those elements is out of sync, it will be obvious to even non-musicians. I think that we can apply these same concepts to the way we perform our roles and responsibilities as internal auditors,” explains Joyce, who is chief auditor of a major U.S. health-care company as well as a musician and longtime amateur band member.

Emphasizing internal audit fundamentals, business and operational acumen, the importance of certification, and professionalism, Joyce’s theme, “Audit In Tune,” is designed to strike a chord with internal auditors, beginning or seasoned, around the globe. “Audit In Tune” will provide a soundtrack that encourages internal auditors to make their organizations – and by extension, the world – just a little better than they might have found them.